Sunday Services

30 Aug 2020 - 09:30 AM

  • 9:30am – Sunday School for all ages
  • 10:30am – Sunday Morning Worship Service
  • 6:00pm – Sunday Evening Praise Service/Teen Time


What to Expect

Sunday School

The Sunday School hour is devoted to help those of all ages further develop their walk with Christ. Unlike the Morning Worship Service in these classes their is interaction between the teacher and students to help apply the lessons being learned. Currently the Men and Women have separate Sunday School classes as mentioned above. The teens also attend these classes while the children have  their own lessons downstairs in their age appropriate groups.

Order of Sunday Morning Worship Service

Favorite Hymn
Welcome Song
Tithes & Offering
Scripture Reading
Hymn Insert
Special Music
       Junior Church (Ages 3 – 9; K3-G3) dismissed
Morning Preaching


The nursery is located downstairs in room number 4 and is provided for children ages 0-3 during all services.


At SVBC we seek to have only music that is approved of the Lord. Our conservative music standards include Christ-honoring lyrics, distinct melodies and godly music theory. We also seek to not have a hyper-critical spirit of other ministries with music standards that differ from our own.


As you can see by the order of service there is usually an offering taken in our services. Please know that we are delighted to have you with us and do not expect you to participate. The offerings are for those who regularly attend SVBC. You’re welcome to give but please do so because you’re giving to the Lord and not out of obligation to the church.