Memorial Gifts

March 2024Cy (Robert) HughesNursery expansion project
November 2023LaRue AllenNursery expansion project
May 2021Max Peacock
Various financial gifts given to a missionary, evangelists, a family with a severe physical challenge, and students for Christian education.
November 2020Rick YoungVacuum Cleaners (2)
October 2020Sheldon & Ethel MacAvoyPlatform rocker for nursery
February 2018Mary WilsonElectronic equipment (video projector, etc.)
June 2015Virginia GrimesElectronic equipment
November 2013Ethel AllenMissions
February 2013Bertha EdwardsStove and window in kitchen of Fellowship Hall
November 2011Clara EdlerFolding tables, nursery shelf, music stands
March 2011Ona PersunHymnals
March 2011Dick KeglerNew bathroom upstairs in church building
October 2009Lester PittengerFolding tables
 —Mabel PaulhamusWooden cross on wall above baptistry
1968Bill PersunBaldwin Piano