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  •  Joshua – by Matt and Julie Herbster
    A six week junior Bible study book for 4th-6th graders
    A wandering people…a towering enemy…a beautiful land. Go with Joshua and the rest of God’s people as they learn to trust God and defeat his enemies. Find out how God used a ram’s horn, spies, a wicked woman, and a ninety-year-old man to accomplish His will. Learn about His absolute power over all creation, and about the importance of obedience to Him. This study helps you take an in-depth look at Joshua’s life and teaches you more about the wonderful works of Joshua’s God.
  • Joseph by Matt & Julie Herbster
    A six week junior Bible study book for 4th-6th graders
    Travel with Joseph on his amazing journey as you study Genesis 37-50. Take seven weeks to follow him from one fascinating adventure to the next. Find out how God used Joseph to save his special people from starvation. Learn about the power of forgiveness. This Bible study is packed full of lessons that help young people study Joseph’s life in great detail and teach them more about the wonderful works of Joseph’s God.

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