WOW! That’s a GOOD wow! We have much to be grateful for and want to give our Lord the glory and praise. Please thank the Lord with us…

  • Small groups have begun and have been a blessing. We have prayed to be intentional and accountable. I am particularly thankful for our Godly leaders who teach with reverence and accuracy towards God’s Holy Word!
    • Trusting God by Jerry Bridges; led by Richard Harris
    • Stop Trying by Cary Schmidt; led by Pastor Josh
  • A tree is missing! We had a work day last Saturday. Much work got done, great fellowship was had, and we thank the Lord for safety—especially with the removal of another ash tree that the ash borers finally did in.
  • This week we had Revival Meetings with Shank Family Ministries. Brother Glen, his wife Jennifer and their children Joe, Katelyn, and Laina were a blessing. The preaching was challenging as well as encouraging.
  • Jodi Young and Kathy Sawyer just followed the Lord in believer’s baptism last Sunday morning.

  • As you can see in the pictures there is joy in obeying our Lord! Also, after the baptismal service several children came up to check out the baptistry. I suggested we get some fish to put in there. They thought that was a good idea! They had a few questions about how everything worked. Afterwards, one of those children asked her grandmother why those people were getting “dunked in water”! Praise the Lord that He is working in hearts and we look forward to following up with this child and use it as an opportunity to tell her from God’s Word why we “dunked” those people in water.
  • On Sunday evening, we had a time of recognizing the achievements of those children who participated in our Master Clubs. Because of the challenges of the last year, we have not held the clubs this year but Lord willing we will resume this fall. It is always a blessing to see and hear children standing up for Jesus Christ. May they continue to do so – one day at a time. I wish I could attach the audio of them singing! ?
  • Last night we had a good business meeting with voting that was all unanimous.
  • There are also pictures from our ladies retreat. This year instead of the ladies making their own food, they enjoyed others making it and serving them. Several ladies commented on the blessings of the Word and fellowship.
  • Three people have asked about becoming members. We have appointments with all three in the next few days.
  • We have had several visitors in the services recently.
  • Plans are underway for VBS in June and Pastor Josh is excited about this opportunity. He and I usually meet on Wednesdays. As we talked about these recent blessings, he shared this verse from his devotions…

This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes; Psalm 118:23.

Your prayers are appreciated!

We are continuing to pray for you too.


With thanksgiving in Christ’s Love,

Pastor Tom & Wanda MacAvoy