August Greetings

Praise the Lord that Missionary Joe Stinson is ready to be moved. And please pray as Richard & Rhonda Harris travel Saturday, July 27 to move him. They plan to be able to get to meet Brother Joe’s coworkers and on Sunday attend the church they are planting in Ottawa. Then Joe will travel with them as they move to MI, rejoin their family, and continue in their year medical furlough which has already been helping Kerri!

Marlin & Diane Plank are hosting our Sunday evening on August 18 at their house with a campfire and hotdog roast—all are welcome!

We’d appreciate your prayer as we have a booth at the Cogan House Festival on August 24. It is a good opportunity to reach out with the gospel and be a blessing to our community Our booth is geared for children and was well received last year.

We enjoyed having Evangelist Mike Pelletier with us for a Sunday and are looking forward to having him back for meetings next year. Please pray for his wife Becky as she is going through a severe physical trial. Also please continue to pray for

Vic Livermore, Nadine Young, and Steve Loomis who was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.

SVBC surprised my wife with a birthday party for her. I thank the Lord for the love of God shown through His people!

We have been enjoying studying the Gospel of John on Sunday mornings, currently in chapter fourteen. This section of God’s Word opens and closes with our Lord’s loving admonition, Let not your heart be troubled; John 14:1, 27.

How did Jesus calm their troubled HEARTS?…

By giving them 6 wonderful assurances to lay hold of; assurances that we today may claim and therefore enjoy untroubled hearts. This has recently been a particular challenge and encouragement for me personally. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ—if you have been born again—you may claim every single one of these assurances…


  1. You are going to Heaven; John 13:36-14:6.
  2. You know the Father right now; John 14:7-11.
  3. You have the privilege of prayer; John 14:12-15.
  4. You have the Holy Spirit; John 14:16-18.
  5. You enjoy the Father’s love; John 14:19-24.
  6. You have God’s gift of peace; John 14:25-31.

This is a tad early, but Lord willing we are leaving Tuesday to go visit our son Tom and his family in SD and get to meet our newest granddaughter who was born in April! We are looking forward to it. I hope you are able to enjoy some great times with loved ones this summer.

In Christ’s Love,

Tom & Wanda MacAvoy

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